Nail salons in the United States generate more than $5 billion each year. And as a nail technician who is looking for growth and financial independence, starting a nail salon business might just be the perfect option for you.

Moreover, nail salons can quickly build a recurring client base due to the variety of services that they offer starting from manicures and pedicures to nail extensions, advanced nail art, and more.

That is what makes them easier to establish. Moreover, the straightforward business model that they have, also means that you spend less time biting your own nails and more time decorating extensions for your clients.

Now for the answer to your question, ‘How to open a nail salon?, let us acquaint you with these 10 steps that you can follow to nail it!

Steps to opening a nail salon business:

  1. Find your niche
  2. Get yourself a mentor
  3. Make a solid business plan
  4. Choose the perfect location
  5. Decide your nail salon’s name & aesthetic
  6. Make a financial plan
  7. Decide your pricing strategy
  8. Get the permissions
  9. Build a nail clientele
  10. Get the correct tools

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